We are concerned that young children will be enabled to legally change their nominal sex without their parent’s consent. Currently no evidence about the long term outcomes of surgery and drugs is available. We do know that fertility and general health is compromised by transsexual medicalisation.

This is a social experiment which endangers children.

Children are being encouraged down this path by pervasive social media campaigns which are causing the new phenomenon of ‘rapid onset gender dysphoria’. Girls especially are seeking to change their nominal sex at alarming rates. This may be replacing anorexia as a way of expressing distress with their developing female bodies. Autism is also over-represented in transitioning.

Trans advocacy is also intricately tied up with homophobia. Too many young people, uncomfortable with their emerging lesbian or gay identity, find that changing their apparent sex makes them more socially acceptable in a predominantly heterosexual society. This is also currently disproportionately affecting girls.

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