Australian Staniland Question

The Australian Staniland Question Campaign is a collective interested in promoting the status and wellbeing of women and girls and are affiliated with the Victorian Women’s Guild. Single sex spaces provide greater security and peace of mind for women and girls. Recent and proposed legislative changes put women and girls’ safety at risk.

The Australian Staniland Question Campaign believes the public is interested to know how Australian politicians answer the Staniland Question.

The Staniland Question asks:

Do you believe that male-sexed people have the right to

undress and shower in a communal changing room with

teenage girls?

The responses from politicians will be updated in the table below as they become available. You can also access the table through this link.

Victorian Parliamentian responses to the Staniland Question.docx

All Victorian parliamentarians were asked in mid July 2021 for their answer to the Staniland Question. Yet many have not responded. Why so few responses? Why so little accountability and transparency on this matter? We believe the low response rate is very telling and show that Victorian parliamentarians are not prepared to go on the record to show their privileging of men over women's welfare.


Have your local parliamentarians (your local member and Members of the Legislative Council) answered the Staniland Question? If not, contact them, asking them to respond to the Staniland Question that was sent to them.

Use this link to find contact details of your local member.

If you don't know your electorate or local member's name, use this link

For further information about the campaign, contact the ASQ by email: