This page brings together some links to resources that may be useful in helping to understand the issues around women's sex-based rights.

The Declaration on Women's Sex-Based Rights. This international declaration was launched in New York in March 2019.

Three Australian State based groups that are concerned about women's sex-based rights. These groups communicate through Facebook

Australia Parents Questioning Gender (based in NSW)

Women Speak Tasmania

Fair Go for Queensland Women

International groups formed to protect women and girls's sex-based rights

Speak Up for Women NZ

Peak Trans A excellent website based in the UK. It features many blog posts as well as links to newspaper articles from a variety of countries. Well worth a look.

Woman's Place UK

Transgender Trend A UK based organisation to support parents of transgender children

Fair Play for Women Another UK based group. Their campaigns are mainly around sport and prisons

We the Females Canadian women's organisation critical of the self-identity legislation introduced in Canada in June 2017