The Future of Sex Based Rights

When: Thursday August 8 7pm

Where: The University of Melbourne

Details: What is the future of sex-based rights in Australia?

A Bill currently before the Victorian parliament would, if passed, allow people to change the official record of their sex by making a statutory declaration that they believe their sex to be as nominated.

Moreover, nominated sex is not limited to ‘male’ or ‘female’; it could be any term, as long as it is not offensive or too long. What will this change mean for data collection? - for example tracking sex equality outcomes, or for crime statistics?

What are the implications for access to women’s single-sex spaces, or for measures put in place to tackle women’s underrepresentation?

Why haven’t women been consulted on these changes?

Should Victorians support this change to the law?

Join us to hear from a number of Australian experts about this issue, including Holly Lawford-Smith (Univerisity of Melbourne), Virginia Mansel Lees (La Trobe University), Hayden Opie (University of Melbourne), and Bronwyn Winter (University of Sydney). Chaired by Nina Vallins (Victorian Women’s Guild).

Attendance is free, but registrations are essential. Click here to register. Please bring your tickets and some form of ID.

Note: for security reasons, we’ll release the room location by email on the day of the event.

Part i

Holly Lawford-Smith, Hayden Opie, Virginia Mansel Lees

Part ii

Virginia Mansel Lees (cont), Bronwyn Winter, audience questions

Part iii

Questions (cont)