IOC contact

Concerned about transwomen (biological men) competing in women’s sport?

Help put pressure on the International Olympic Committee to return women’s sport to biological women by giving your feedback to the IOC’s review. See below for contact details for the IOC and their Australian and Victorian counterparts. (Send your concerns to all three, if you can).

The Review has a short timeframe (only two months) so anything you can send before the beginning of October 2021 should reach them in time to be considered. Encourage friends and family to send their concerns, too – the more complaints / concerns, the greater the pressure on the IOC to take our concerns seriously.

Contact the IOC:

International Olympic Committee

Château de Vidy

Case postale 356

1001 Lausanne


(Note: the IOC email facility was “temporarily closed” when these contact details were posted)

Contact the AOC:

Australian Olympic Committee (AOC)

Level 4, 140 George Street

Museum of Contemporary Art


Ph: +61 (02) 9247 2000

Fax:+61 (02) 8436 2198


Contact the VOC:

Victorian Olympic Council

Level 2, O'Brien Group Arena

105 Pearl River Road, Docklands


Ph:(03) 9427 0700

Fax:(03) 9081 9983